A little project to play with some painting and animation techniques... as usual

Check out the attached (VERY) interactive version here =)

Sneaky Peaky

Some bits and pieces from something I'm working on currently. =)


Playin' around with the crew from DKC: Tropical Freeze. Feels so good to get back to playing games like that - it's the stuff that gave me my love for what I do.=) So cheers DK.

Me' Bronson!

A game I have enjoyed a lot lately with a sense of style I VERY much appreciate is OTTTD (Over The Top Tower Defence). One of my character's names is Bronson Laughpain, and yes, he is rapid-firing smiley-bombs out of a teapot! Don't question me' Bronson!

If you're one for some silliness (and fun tower defense), check it out =)

As a break from my recent Flash animation thing I'm doing - I needed to do something speedy and more rough. I've been wanting to play more with animating with Photoshop's video layers. There is so much muckin' around to be done with them. Check those out too =)

Poop Walk

another bit of a little Flash project I'm playing with. Onto something else for a bit though, then back to it =)

shiny knight

now THIS. This is a new work project that is just getting started. Excited about this one! Nothing more than this at the moment, just showing this guy so we can see what happens from here! =)

Poop Run

You could say this run cycle is... shitty. =D Poopy Knight FTW! This is just one piece of a little project I'm wanting to put together of this guy sometime. I made this using a combo of Flash/Photoshop video layers. =)

yo flash face

Having a crack at branching out and learning flash. This is the baby-step project for me to help me out for a more complex one. The animation side of things is kind of a happy place for me - but I am new to the coding side - so this thing ain't perfect but I tried! =) 

This is inspired by this freakin cool interactive display from Soap Creative in Sydney.