Commandant Steele

Ms steel face Steele. Cold as iceHAWHAAAAW!

General Knoxx... the f* out

Michael Mamaril

For those unfamiliar with Michael Mamaril - he was a big fan of Borderlands that was honoured by Gearbox Software by living on as a character in Borderlands 2. RIP, dude.

Learning and talking and painting!

So I attended a Masterclass with Valve/Weta artist Laura Dubuk - already a favourite artist of mine...lucky me, it was awesome. It was all about my favourite topic - applying design/illustration principles to achieve a particular function like... making sure someone knows were to look and go in a game environment ^^ 
We did a bit of practical practicing - I haven't done any photo-mash + paint pictures in a long time but for quickness' sake, that was my approach for this one. =)



Ellie just wants a cuddle.

Some little character designs and animinimations

   me. RUV. simple. limited. animation.

   and character design.

...made some.

...photoshop and after effects.


Borderlands' Scooter. Gotta love this guy =) ... does he kinda look like George W to you??
Is it just the dumb expression?