Black portrait of the man. Johnny Cash.

Freddy's Bone

I love this band.
If you want to see an awesome live group and the baddest trombone player of all time - if you've ever the chance, go and see Fat Freddy's Drop.

The Blues Brothers

I LOVE this movie. Taking a step in a more specific direction with my illustration – wanting to do more feels good =)

Inky 'fashion' illustratoins

Some quick and fun 'fashion' illustrations for a cool and moody pitch a little while ago at Soap Creative. Fun to sketch quick like this digitally, but you can't beat a real ink pen


Scribbling up some idea exploration. The idea being, all the levels and enemies hanging from the ceiling that you look at from a top-town view. Will show you sometime...

Excited to see how this all ends up.

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So! I'm kicking of a sneak peak at our newest game reveal from SMG StudioDEATH SQUARED!
We're very excited to get crackin with this game and I'm gonna show you how the concepts are looking along the way!

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This guy is called a Beamer, he is your friend's friend – not yours. He hangs from the ceiling 
and if he doesn't like your colours, will try smoke you. Asshole

Cock Buckle

Really enjoy drawing with this brush! :)

AdNews Cover

Earlier this year as my first job with Soap Creative, I was lucky enough to be asked to illustrate a cover for AdNews magazine.

The cover story and idea to be illustrated was that of industry professionals needing to catch up on this world of code we live in. I went with an evolutionary approach... secretly, I think I was channeling the chimp!