Goop & Poopy

Yup! It's goopy. And it's a little  poopy.

The Martian

Just playing with a slightly different style/feeling than I have before. I love work like this and would like to be better with the style =)


Uh oh, I think this is art for art's sake...

There is actually some significance to this picture for me. It is a combination of a couple of things that I hold high. I admire quiet, under-celebrated achievers. This picture is based off a photo I found years ago of an old guy weaving a basket and he just seemed so fine about doing it - just getting on with it. And he's probably really really good at it.

The other part of the picture (the donut) is influenced by a favourite musician of mine, J Dilla. There is a whole lot to be said about this guy - so I won't. But he was also a very hard worker, extremely good at what he did, everyone knew it and yet he was completely humble and quiet about it. He made a very fucking noteworthy (to say the least) album called 'Donuts'. And along with his other music too, it gives me feels.

third part is I thought it made a cool pic

fourth part is I like me' headphones =)

Jingle Jangle Jingle

Playing with and figuring out some more ideas and techniques for how to make 'rough-painted' animations. And showing some ED-E love =)

This is a combo of Photoshop, AfterEffects and Flash.

Bit more Flash fiddling


Flash fiddling

Spending some more time fiddling around, familiarizing myself with Flash.


A little project to play with some painting and animation techniques... as usual. This is made with Photoshop and AfterEffects. The more I use Flash now, I really want to experiment with combining all three of those programs!

Check out the attached (VERY) interactive version here =)

Sneaky Peaky

Some bits and pieces from something I'm working on currently. =)