Come at me, life

Deeear diary!
So here I am. I have moved country and I'll be starting at Soap Creative on Monday... simple =)
Life can be a hell of a thing, it's crazy what can happen all at the same time - I would have to say that is my own fault, but chewing what I (and my wife - it's her fault too) bite off has always been important to me.
I am definitely in the camp of thinking (and acting on) that the more difficult and challenging something is, the better you become because of it. I've handled some life before, but holy shit is this the biggest and baddest bite of life yet. I'm excited about seeing what comes of this one. phew
blah blahblahblahblah
So WOAH I'm in Sydney and starting at Soap Creative on Monday and will be pushing myself as hard as I have always wanted to and I'm excited about that and the peeps there are rad which is just a catalyst for good shit and my wife is all good and she is mad chewing right now as well and she will be rad when she comes over here too and shit is super super crazy, but it's all good!
Gad damn.
Come at me, life.